Recommendations 2013

The 8th International Advisory Board (IAB) Conference 2013 took place on 29, 30,31 May 2013. The 11 international members of the IAB spent three very full days visiting, observing, experiencing and analysing Rotterdam. Their task was to create recommendations for Rotterdam’s future for the Municipal Executive.

At the moment, we are finding ourselves in a period of major and rapid transition. Not only does the prevailing crisis bring us challenges, but we are also facing sea changes to our environment in the fields of politics, governance, economics, technology, environmental issues and social contexts. The global developments may fill us with apprehension in some respect, but mostly we need to capture the opportunities that may arise from these major global developments. The role of governments both national and local is changing profoundly and existing structures and business models may not suffice to capture the wealth of opportunity that these changes can also bring us.

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