Recommendations 2009

In 2009 the International Advisory Board convened for the sixth time to discuss Rotterdam’s future economic development from an international perspective on 4, 5 and 6 november. The central theme for this year's Conference was “Our challenge to achieve strategic leadership and to set up decisive governance for the next decade against the current climate”.

According to the International Advisory Board 2009:

Rotterdam is a mature economy built on some great historical successes and achievements. However, it is our belief that Rotterdam must not rely on its past glory in order to secure a great future for the port and the city. Rather we believe it is the time to embark on an exciting next stage of transformation and development. Internationally, Rotterdam has many new competitors, yet she retains many strategic advantages. You have great geography and resourceful and diverse people. To capitalise on these strengths, clarity around Rotterdam’s next stage of development is essential, a new leadership commitment by all stakeholders critical, and a renewed sense of urgency and momentum, highly desirable.

As a result of the world economic crisis and the re-inventions phase that the Rotterdam Port and City is going through, it is our view that a rare opportunity exists to exercise decisive strategic leadership in building new economic opportunities and deepening your sense of community. If you succeed you will define your future.

The members of the International Advisory Board of the City of Rotterdam 2009 have every confidence that if a significant number of our recommendations are implemented as outlined above, then along with your own very extensive efforts to date, Rotterdam will continue to be described in the future by those who live here and those who visit or do business here, as a World Port, World City in every sense of the words. We encourage the EDBR and YoungEDBR to both lead and monitor this process.

Download the IAB report 2009