Recommendations 2008

In 2008 the IAB assembled for their fifth annual conference. During this edition the IAB looked back to see what has been achieved through the IAB’s previous recommendations and to see whether any of the previous recommendations would need a further boost from the IAB to turn them into real achievements.

Theme 1: Leadership: achieving follow through

A. The Rotterdam Climate Initiative The IAB recommends that the city’s ambition is raised to go from a reduction in CO2 emissions by 50% by 2020, to a reduction of 80% by 2050.
B. Rotterdam needs to outsource the execution and implementation of plans and projects to dedicated external organisations.
C. More emphasis is needed on the development of green energy and green logistics.
The city needs to move forward with more speed and determination on the development of Stadshavens and their intention of realising the proposed Climate Campus.
D. Rotterdam must exploit their knowledge and expertise on water; make it a key industry and export product.
E. Rotterdam has the most excellent facilities to build a world renowned knowledge centre on logistics. Rotterdam has the potential to play the leading role in the world in this field and there is real commercial potential to exploit this further.
F. It is fundamentally necessary for the Traffic Management Company to have the mandate, budget and authority to make the necessary decisions with speed.

Theme 2: Quality of life: improving the city’s living environment

The city should continue to let her inhabitants build on their own community: give them a sense of ownership and responsibility.
The IAB feels stresses again the need for the city to develop the waterfront into attractive living and meeting places.
Rotterdam should do far more to showcase this architecture and these architects. Architecture is a catalyst for further economic growth.
The IAB asked for special attention for the younger generation. More attention should be paid to involve the younger generation and make sure they are given a feeling of stakeholdership with their own Rotterdam future.

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