Recommendations 2007

As was done in 2006, the 2007 conference reached back to some of the themes and issues that were discussed before and sought to introduce further recommendations on these. The themes and the main recommendations for 2007 were:


Looking at one of Rotterdam’s USP’s and how to capitalize on it.
- Develop the waterfront for business.
- Develop living and leisure environment.
- Build more water storage areas in the city/green roofs
- Develop transport over water.

Leading Intercultural City

Leading on from themes introduced in 2004 and 2005, focus was given to:
- Building a common economic dream.
- To set shining examples.
- Create opportunities for economic participation.

New Cooperation Models/Accessibility

This was introduced as a new theme for 2007. Recommendations involved:
- The creation of a new traffic management system for the port.
- Building a new ring road, expand transport via water.
- Make a comprehensive infrastructural plan for the future, not just a ‘transport plan’.

Download the IAB report 2007