Recommendations 2005

From the themes discussed in 2004, a number were discussed at the conference in 2005, with the following recommendations:


- Capitalize on the relationship between Rotterdam and its sister city of Shanghai. For instance working together to become the global number one port, initialising an exchange of people and culture, an increased exchange of goods and money and an exchange of knowledge and ideas.
- Establish a China Desk.
- Make Rotterdam road signs in Chinese.
- Take part in the Rotterdam-Holland House World Expo in 2010.

Creating an inclusive society

- Integration does not work, create an inclusive society instead.
- Stop thinking in terms of groups, start thinking in terms of individuals.
- Find heroes and inspirational leaders and involve them in the processes.
- Make use of the talents of immigrants.


- Stop over-regulating and over-planning.
- Enable young entrepreneurs, don’t discourage them.
- Create free zones for new business, for creative industries, help, enable and empower.


-   Be proud, stop being humble.
-   Make a progressive and aggressive agenda, move forward.
-   Be explicit about eagerness to win.

Download the IAB report 2005