Recommendations 2004

2004 saw the start of the IAB and the first conference was used mainly for the establishment of the IAB, the fleshing out of the IAB’s tasks and to let the members get to know Rotterdam better. The conference was also used to discuss several themes that are not only important to Rotterdam, but to all cities in the world. The IAB looked at the meaning of these themes for Rotterdam. From these discussions the topics for the IAB conference in 2005 were chosen.

Is Rotterdam ready for ongoing globalization?

- The world is getting both smaller and larger.
- Are we ready for the post-oil era?
- Are we ready for robotics, genetics, ICT and nanotechnology? Are we ready to make the best use of new technologies to induce economic growth?

Are we fully aware of the impact of up-and-coming Asian Markets?

- What is the value of Asian markets and their impact in world economies and what does it mean for the position of Rotterdam in the world. Where can we compete?

Introducing new ways of seeing and doing

- How does Rotterdam see itself, how do city and port relate. Where can we improve ourselves?

Showing leadership

- Organise and market yourself successfully.
- Motivate and inspire.
- Government, businesses, universities, regions, should work together.

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