Ms. K.P. (Kah Peng) Aw
General Manager Global Commercial Strategy Development at Shell | Former Assistant Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board | Former CEO of the Singapore Tourism Board

Mr. B.R. (Benjamin) Barber
Founder of The Interdependence Movement (CivWorld) | Senior Research Scholar Centre on Philantropy and Civic Society, Graduate Center, City University New York |Walt Whitman Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University | Political theorist and author of “If Mayors Ruled the World” and “Jihad vs McWorld”

Mr. L. (Larry) Beasley
Former Director of Urban Planning, Vancouver B.C. | Distinguished Practice Professor of Planning University of British Columbia |Chairman of National Advisory Committee on Planning, Design & Realty of Ottawa's National Capital Commission |Chief Advisor on Urban Design for Dallas, Texas |Special Advisor on City Planning to the government of Abu Dhabi

Mr. J. (Jeremy) Bentham
Vice President of Global Business Environment at Shell International | Scenarios Leader at Shell International

Mr. L. (Leendert) Bikker
Founder of BIKKER & Company | Former Chairman Economic Development Board Rotterdam (EDBR)

Mr. Y. (Yvo) de Boer
Director-General Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) | Global Chairman, Climate Change and Sustainability Services KPMG | Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Sir P.L. (Peter) Bonfield
Chairman of the Board NXP Semiconductors NV| Chair of Council and Senior Pro-Chancellor Loughborough University, UK | Director of L.M. Ericsson, Sweden | Former CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee of British Telecommunications plc

Mr. B.A. (Brent) Brown
Architect | Founder of the buildingcommunityWORKSHOP | Founding Director of the City of Dallas’ CityDesign Studio

Mr. A. (Allard) Castelein
President & CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority | Former VP Environment at Royal Dutch Shell

Mr. G.J. (Gerlach) Cerfontaine
Professor of Regional Innovation Policy Maastricht University | Professor of Corporate Governance at Utrecht University | Former CEO of the Schiphol Group

Mr. D. (David) Chang
Former CEO Philips China

Mr. A. (Andy) Curtis
Managing Partner Global Innovation Partners | Former Head of Business Growth at Nottingham City Council | Member of the International Committee of the International Economic Development Council | Vice Chair of the Sheffield City Region - Digital Industries Forum

Ms. W.F. (Wai Fong) Foong
Trend watcher and Director of the GEM Group, Malaysia.

Mr. J. (Joel) Garreau
Editor of the Washington Post and Director of the Garreau Group

Ms. N. (Nicky) Gavron
Former Deputy Mayor of London and Member of the London Assembly

Mr. C.J. (Kees) van der Graaf
President of Unilever Europe

Mr. T. (Tex) Gunning
Managing Director of the Decorative Paints Division of Akzo Nobel

Mr. M. (Maarten) Hajer
Director Environmental Assessment Agency | Professor of Public Policy at University of Amsterdam | Chief Curator IABR 2016

Tun Musa bin Hitam
Chairman of the World Islamic Economic Forum |Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Mr. E. (Eero) Holstila
Director of the Office of Economic Development of the City of Helsinki

Mr. S. (Stein) Kruse
President and CEO of Holland America Group Inc

Mr. R.F.M. (Ruud) Lubbers
Former Chairman IAB Rotterdam |Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Mr. F. (Farid) Mohammed Ahmed
Secretary General of Dubai World

Mr. M.K. (Mike) Moore
Former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation and former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Mr. R. (Rob) Pearson
Head of Area Yorkshire and the Humber, Homes and Communities Agency UK

Mr. B (Brooks) Rainwater
Director City Solutions & Applied Research Center, National League of Cities

Mr. J. (Jorgen) Randers
Professor at the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo

Mr. A.H.G. (Alexander) Rinnooy Kan
Former Chairman IAB Rotterdam | Former Chairman of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) | University Professor of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam

Ms. M. (Marian) Salzman
CEO of Havas PR North America

Ms. S. (Saskia) Sassen
Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology and Chair, The Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University | Member of the Royal Academy of the Sciences of the Netherlands | Recipient of multiple doctor honoris causa including from Delft University | Writer and researcher on globalization, immigration, global cities, networked technologies, her books have been translated into more than 20 languages

Rt. Hon. Dame J.M. (Jenny) Shipley
Former Chairwoman IAB Rotterdam |Chairman Genesis Energy | Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Mr. H.N.J. (Hans) Smits
Former President & CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority

Mr. C.N. (Chin Nam) Tan
Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts of Singapore

Mr. R. (Rein) Willems
Member of the Senate of the Dutch Parliament | Former CEO Shell Nederland BV

Mr. P. (Peer) Witten
Honorary Chairman of the German Logistics Association (BVL) | Member of the Supervisory Board of the OTTO Group