IABx on culture

Rotterdam underwent enormous development on various fronts in the past five years. Its image has greatly improved, both nationally and internationally. As a tourist destination the growth of its popularity is outperforming the national average, but Rotterdam is also on the rise as a business destination and as a destination for creative industries and international encounter.

The ambition of both the cultural sector and the city is to strengthen Rotterdam’s position as a national and international cultural hotspot as well. How can we profile the city in such a way that it really earns a place on the map internationally, not only for tourists, but also for the art lovers, curious residents and collectors?

That is why a new-style IAB, the “IABx”, will be dedicated to the cultural sector. This new-style IAB, the IABx, will be comprised of two key meetings: one in April and a shorter session in September or October 2017. During the preparations for these sessions there will be close collaboration with the municipality, RRKC (Rotterdam Art and Culture Council), the consultations of the directors of Rotterdam Art Institutions (DO), Rotterdam Festivals, etc.

Involvement of the field
One of the important elements of the new set-up of the IAB is that the field/urban stakeholders will be involved at several times to ensure that the line of interaction/knowledge exchange becomes longer and that the preparation of the advice becomes an iterative process that is longer than almost one year.

By building in several feedback loops, returning 1st ideas/early opinions to the field and asking for reactions and reflection, the advice will have been jointly designed and will be better supported.